Treat Your Kitty To a Cat Tree They’ll Love

Cats are a part of the family and it is important that they are happy and content with their surroundings. Especially when there is more than one cat, it is important that there is mutual understanding between them in order to avoid quarrels and fights between them. A cat tree will give the cat a familiar surrounding that they will enjoy with other cats.

Multipurpose Tree

Having a cat tree increases the vertical territory for the cat and gives them the chance to share the space that they are given without having to disrupt the pecking order. Some cats will not be willing to share the table or windowsill and the tree will help them share their close quarters without feeling like they are giving up their rights on that place. Though you might feel that buying a cat tree is an added expense, it is actually an investment as it tends to last quite a number of years. Moreover, it serves for multiple purposes for the cats. Aside from being a great hangout place where the cats are happily perched, it can also serve as a scratching post for cats that love to take it out on furniture and other items. Depending on the scratching preference of your cat, you can also choose the type of cat tree such as bark covered, sisal covered or bare wood.

The Best Cat Tree for your Cat

There are a couple of things that you need to remember before you choose the cat tree.

  • Size of the cat: If the cat is large in size, do not opt for trees that have flat, small perches. This type of tree will make them worry if their leg is hanging out and will make them feel uncomfortable. Based on how big your cat is, you can make your choice of tree.
  • Perch Type: As far as perches are concerned, you can opt for ā€˜Uā€™ shaped perches that give the cat enough space to feel the perch on their back. This position is loved by the cats as they feel secure and less vulnerable to attacks to their rear.

You can buy your cat tree from either the local pet product store or even book them online. You can do either but I recommend doing your research on the best cat tree for large cats first if you have bigger cats as you will need a much more sturdy and better build quality to handle the weight. Depending on how elaborate you want the tree to be, the price will also vary accordingly. The height, sturdiness and comfort of the tree is what ultimately matters the most to your cat. If you spend a fortune on a wobbly tree, it will only end up being an utter waste of money and space. If the tree is tall, then the base of the tree should be subsequently wide. Make sure that the tree that you are buying will be able to stand steadily even when the cat jumps from the ground to a high perch on the tree.

Buying a cat tree is not an easy decision to make and also requires a lot of thought. You should buy one that will suit the need of the cat without disturbing its regular activities.